Thursday, 27 March 2014

Radio Communicators Awards

Cadet Warrant Officers Beth Ainsley and Chris Dolphin have been presented with their Radio Communicators Certificates and Badges having completed all of the required modules for this award.
This award is the highest radio award an Air Cadet can receive and required the completion of a number of modules which in CWO Ainsley's and Dolphin's case included:
  • Completing and passing the Amateur Radio Foundation Examination
  • Passing examinations on Advanced Radio & Radar and Satellite Communications
  • Completing an Internet Module (including building a website)
  • Demonstrating a range of practical radio operating skills

In addition, 14 cadets were recently presented with their Provisional Radio Operators Certificates which are awarded to cadets after completion of a course which provides training in basic 2-way radio operations.

The photographs shows six of these cadets with their awards.

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